The Mandee Mysteries Are At It Again

Mystery books with magnifying glassSometimes we meet up with people who have just the right likes and passions as we do. And I ended up finding that with Mandee. Totally by accident, I discovered that she loves reading mysteries. Just like me. But, unlike me, she has a love of some of the more “hard-boiled” mysteries. For me, it’s those cozy mysteries.

Ergo, she is the perfect foil to me in writing about mystery books. So the Mandee Mysteries came about. Every time she reads a new novel from one of her favorite authors, she writes her review.

Michael Connolly’s The Gods of Guilt is her latest review. It’s the 5th in Connolly’s Lincoln Lawyer series. As always, Mandee in no way gives you a spoiler. Instead, she gives you some background, the important stuff to know, before you delve into the latest. Then she continues with just a bit of the plot. Not too much. No spoilers.

What she makes clear is that you will be reading a courtroom thriller. But, you get to know the main character, the Lincoln Lawyer called Mickey Haller. He’s not perfect, he struggles with his own personal demons and his own professional guilt.

As a reviewer, Mandee is a most prized addition to Mystery Book World Live. She has the ability to boil down a book review to those things that will help you decide if you want to read the novel. She refrains from too much plot, to many little tidbits that mean nothing, and too much gushing over what she liked.

All of Mandee’s reviews are worth reading. With The Gods of Guilt, you can see her review and decide for yourself if this is one you want to read. Yes, she like Michael Connolly and his writing. But, Mandee should know, she’s read all of the Lincoln Lawyer series as well as Connolly’s other mystery series featuring Harry Bosch.


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