Dog Puzzles for Treats

Like me, there are probably many of you who have dogs that need more stimulation. Some dog breeds are especially prone to boredom. If they are house pets, instead of farm working dogs, they will need you to provide that stimulation.

In my household, she is a charming mix of Border Collie, Terrier and Lab. Now that is an interesting combination. But also one that can get bored way too easily. And as part Lab, she loves her treats! Challenging Dog Treat-Dispensing Toys

So, it was time to find her some way to keep her brain occupied. I started looking for puzzle treat dispensers. You know those kind of toys where you can put a tantalizing treat inside and the dog needs to work out how to get the treat.

I had tried several that took her 3.4 seconds to get the treat. Then back to boredom. When I found the puzzle treat toy, I knew I had her.

The first time I gave it to her, I realized that she got a bit frustrated trying to figure it out. So I gave a regular treat instead. I waited a bit then gave her the puzzle treat toy again. The second time, it wasn’t as much a frustration as a challenge for her.

Of course, I give her only nutritious treats. I want my darling girl to be with me for many years to come. And I have a variety of different flavors of treats as well. Now, I have to warn you here. Some treats work better in this puzzle treat toy than others. Treats that will crumble too easily don’t work.

My girl bangs the puzzle toy around pretty good. That means I need to make sure the treat can handle that much bumping and banging. I will also let you know that she did manage to figure out how to get to the treat. What I found works it to put the toy away for a week or so, then bring it out again. And she has a great time working it out all over again.




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