What Do We Know About Being Left-Handed?

Left hand unlocking worldMost of the world is right-handed, so few know that much about being left-handed. For those of us who are lefties, we don’t know that much either! Those who are our parents, teachers, or mentors haven’t told us anything. Mostly because they don’t know.

What Research Says

I decided I wanted to find out. I went off on my own research attempt to see what information was available. What I found out was frankly disappointing. There are plenty of theories and ideas. But basically nothing very conclusive.

OK, there is a general agreement that the lefthanded people represent about 10% of the population. And those same estimates can vary between 5 and 15 percent. Fine, I can accept that it might be very hard to get any kind of hard facts about the total number of lefties in the population.

Where Are the Researchers for Lefthandedness?

What I have a very hard time understanding is why it’s so difficult to determine what causes lefthandness. I would think there are enough researchers who are left-handed. I assume the population numbers would translate to the scientists and researchers. So where are the 10% who are left-handed? Aren’t they trying to figure out what causes some of the population to right handed while others are left handed?

Admittedly, this is my own bias. Call it my own frustration. But it certainly does explain why those who raise us and teach us can’t tell us much. There just isn’t much to tell.

Parents and Teachers of Left-Handed Children

As a lefty myself, I was lucky in that my parents allowed me to be left-handed. For many kids that’s not the case. So I put out a plea to all the parents and teachers of lefthanded kids. Allow them and support to be lefty.

At least what most researchers agree to is that we lefties were born this way. It’s not a choice we made just to be stubborn. It’s natural to us. So those adults who try to change what is natural will only cause huge problems. So support your left-handed kids. Try to find information yourself to give them. Help them, don’t fight them.


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