Throw a Dessert Wine Party

You want to have a summer wine party, but you’re stuck for ideas. How about an easy Dessert Wine Party? These are simple to put together and make a great way to gather friends or family for an evening of fun.

You only need two things for this kind of party: dessert wines and desserts. Simple, heh? Yep, it really is. Dessert wines are the sweet ones. Their flavor goes best with sweet foods.

In thinking about what foods you’ll serve, think simple ideas that can work as finger foods. Prepare a variety of dessert items, but cut them into small, one-or-two-bite sizes. That way your guests will be able to taste many different desserts.

Since it’s summer and typically warm in the evenings, keep your dessert items to cool or refrigerated ones. Luckily, these are also make ahead options. That will save you from last minute food prep. You can enjoy your evening better, too. Think things like lemon bars, cake pops, and chilled brownie bites.

For your dessert wines, match the degree of sweetness in your wines with your desserts. If you are going to have fruit-based desserts, go with the lighter dessert wines. With more decadent and sweeter desserts, try ice wine. That is just about the sweetest wine available.

Ice wine is made from grapes that have been frozen on the vine. This causes the sugars in the grapes to concentrate.

Keep all your dessert nicely chilled. Either put the bottles in ice tubs or use wine bottle chillers to keep them cold. Remember to keep your desserts cool, too. You can throw a refreshing summer dessert wine party that both you and your guests will enjoy.


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