The Joy of Raising a Left-Handed Child

There is really a joy in raising left-handed children. If you think it’s a bad thing to be left-handed, you really need to think again. This is a wonderful thing that is scarce in our population. Approximately 10 percent of the world is left-handed, so your left-handed child is one of the priviledged.

Being left-handed is not a choice we make. It’s something we are born with. That means it comes through our DNA and that comes from our parents. In other words, you gave your child this ability. You wouldn’t try to force your child to have blue eyes when their eyes are brown, so you shouldn’t be trying to force your child to use their right hand, when they are left-hand dominant.

Now that you understand that, it’s time to understand what you child must be going through. Learning to control small motor movements is hard for all children. Controlling a spoon or a fork as they learn to use utensils, learning to cut their own food when they have a knife that is designed with a right-hand use in mind, even learning how to accurately throw a ball just some of the things children need to practice and fine tune as they grow.

Consider these things as you help your left-handed child learn to control small motor movements. Encourage them to use their left hands for better accuracy. And find out more about what this means to your child. Read up on the subject and appreciate the joy of raising a left-handed child.


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