Enjoying Summer Wines

With the warm days of summer, we still want to enjoy wine, but what are the best wines to enjoy during the summer months? At All About Wine, we are talking summer time and summer wines.

Typically, people think of summer wines as the white or rose wines. These are best served chilled. Plus they go well with the lighter food that we usually serve during the hot months. This would make them seem to be the only wine choices.

But, that’s not necessarily the case. You can enjoy red wines as well in the summer. There are lighter-bodied red wines that can go very well with the lighter summer food options. Besides, that, you also need to know that even red wines should be served at cooler temperatures. So reds can be a good choice for summer enjoyment as well.

The real trick with choosing wines to go with your meals is to pick those that you and your guests will enjoy drinking. So certainly don’t be afraid to serve reds during the summer. The same way you want to keep your whites and roses chilled, you also want to keep your reds from heating up too much. Add a wine bottle cooler to your summer supplies.

Feel free to enjoy whatever type of wine you like this summer. And have some delightful and relaxing evenings this summer.


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