What Causes Left-Handedness

Being left-handed is not a choice, anymore than it is a choice about where your eyes will be placed on your face. Body-side orientation comes from our DNA, just exactly the same way as the placement of our eyes on our face. But how does left-handedness come about?

There is a theory that says left-handed people are actually a surviving twin. The right-handed twin was a fetus that never developed. Now, there has been evidence to say this is not the case, but the theory still persists strictly because of the number of twins who are one each right and left-handed. That instance is extremely high in twins. So it does seem to make some sense.

It’s believed that the tendency toward left-handed orientation comes from the genetic material contributed by the father. Two genes have been identified that seem to correlate with children who are left-handed.

The real truth is that these theories are just that – theories. It’s one of those things that researchers are having a hard time proving with any certainty. It seems that there are enough instances that do not fall properly into a theory to make it truly valid. We all know that there are always exceptions to every rule, but somehow we need enough to make a theory really valid. And that is not quite the case.

The one absolute truth that researchers agree on is that children are born with their left-handedness. They didn’t choose it. So don’t even think about “correcting it.” Left-handed orientation is already perfectly correct in it’s own right.

If you want more information about being left-handed, check out Left-Handed World. Tips, suggestions and lots more information is available as well as some great suggestions for left-handed products.


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