Use College Graduation Parties for Wine Drinking Education

If you are planning a graduation party for your college grad, consider taking the time to educate them on wine drinking. Most college grads are over 21 so they are of legal age to consume wine. But this is a good opportunity to educate your son or daughter and their friends about drinking wine.

We aren’t talking about a drunken party here, but we are talking about a planned out event where wine tasting is a feature. Many college students are not new to alcohol consumption, so take this time to help them learn about proper wine drinking.

First, you need to learn the proper way to taste wine and learn about the terms that are used in wine tasting. Then you can share your own knowledge with the graduates at the party.

Wine is best when paired with foods. Our friend Mandee has written a whole series of articles about planning a great graduation party, including food presentation ideas. You can use her tips and suggestions to create a wonderful effect for your guests and add the appropriate bottles of wine.

Typically, graduation parties are held in the early summer so your foods will tend to be light weight. Pick wines that are also light. White wines are usually the best, but don’t forget lighter reds like Merlot and Pinot Noir. These will pair well with summer food choices.

Go ahead and throw that great graduation party using Mandee’s advice for the party planning. Then take advantage of that time to help your college grad learn to drink responsibly.


One comment on “Use College Graduation Parties for Wine Drinking Education

  1. What a wonderful and unique idea for a graduation party. Learning about wines, wine terms and the proper way to taste wine is something college grades can use their whole lives. The perfect combination of fun and learning!

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